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"This machine changed Max's life! My dog lost 17 pounds and is in a great shape now "
Ted C., Boston, MA

"Now I don't feel guilty leaving Lucy alone when I am at work!"
Emily R., New York, NY

"My Boxer can't get enough of her dogpacer! She runs for thirty minutes every day and it makes her so happy!"
Sid G. Chicago, IL

"This was the best investment I've ever made for my dog."
Abigail R., Los Angeles, CA

"Labs have lots of energy and love to run! We live in the city and it is 45 minutes to the closest park where they dogs can run on their own. Dogpacer is just what I was looking for! Both of my doggies love it!"
Kate R., Dallas, TX

"What a great product! I've never seen my dog happier before!"
Rafy K., Beverly Hills, CA


Amazon Reviews

By Amazon Customer on May 4, 2013
Design: DogPacer Dog Treadmill Verified Purchase
Thank god for the invention of doggy treadmills; Keisha is trotting happily beside me as I type this on my Kindle fire. She does all the work and and I read or watch an episode of West Wing.
Had it for 5 months, no mechanical problems thus far. My American Eskimo was getting 3 walks a day and it still did not wear her out...just a dog that requires a good workout at least once a day and she thinks playing fetch is silly. At the same time, this breed does not do well at dog I was at my wits end. We took her off leash as much as we could into some isolated countryside, but that would only be possible on the weekends and not everyone has that option.
She runs for abt 45 minutes, at a brisk pace, at least once a day. And when it soars into the 90's here, I will not have to wait and walk her at 10:00 at night just to get her some exercise.
Get one. It will markedly improve your life with your beloved companion and decrease the stress of trying to find the time/proper outlet for a high energy dog. Worth every penny.
Design: DogPacer Dog Treadmill Verified Purchase
Got this treadmill to exercise an energetic 1yr old 70lb pitbull mix. I like that the runway platform is extra-long (it's maybe 1-2 feet longer than a typical human treadmill) so that she has room to extend her stride, and occasionally lag towards the back. It runs pretty quiet and seems sturdy.

The box was pretty heavy--I'd recommend getting two people to move it. Once it's set up though, it does have wheels on one side so it's not too hard to tip up and roll into position.

I didn't really read the manual, it was pretty easy to set up. I was confused for a while at why the treadmill seemed to change speeds on its own--turns out it has pre-programmed workouts where the treadmill speeds up and slows down. Use the P0 manual mode if you just want one speed. I like the pre-programmed modes so that my dog will have a couple minutes of running, then a couple minutes of slower jogging rest time. Dogs are built for burstier kind of running, not steady long distance running anyway.

The magnetized emergency stop is a great feature. I like being able to instantly stop the treadmill. I tried attaching the clip to my dog's collar once, but the clip and magnet is kinda big and awkward for that, and she got scared by the magnet clanking on the ground when she pulled it off, so I just keep it unclipped and pull it myself whenever I need to.

It took about a week to get my dog used to walking on the treadmill. She wasn't scared of the treadmill or the noise, but it was pretty awkward for her to get used to the idea of the ground moving underneath her. First she got treats for standing on the treadmill. Then I would turn on the treadmill for only a second, while giving her treats, and giving lots of praise for walking forward on the treadmill instead of getting scared and jumping off. Then more treats for getting on the treadmill and standing still while it's still of. Each day, I would gradually extended the on time to a few seconds. Each new session, she seemed more and more comfortable walking while the treadmill was moving. Lots of patience, repetition, and treats. Eventually, she was able to keep walking forward, as long as there was the promise of a treat in front of her nose. I've slowly upped the speed and the time intervals of giving her treats.

Now, two months later, I'll give her a treat every 10-20 strides or so (I try to keep it random), and she can do 8-15 minutes at a time on the fast program setting. I can tell she's getting tired when she starts to lag behind on the back half of the ramp, instead of being at the front eager to be fed. If it gets too fast for her, she'll just stop and let herself get rolled off the back of the ramp. I try not to have her get off like this, but she's young and agile and there's no ledge at the back where her feet might get caught in, so I'm not overly worried about her doing this. I tried attaching her leash to the top bar while she was wearing a harness, but she balks at having any leash pressure while on the treadmill.

Your experience will vary depending on your dog. Just be patient and let your dog become comfortable slowly.

By Ruff Time on December 4, 2012
Design: DogPacer Dog Treadmill
Great product, well made and first class instructions included with package. Our dog took to the Dog Pacer right away and she is running 20-30 min every day now. The company has a great website and lots of videos to show you what to do. The product came by FedEx and was easy to assemble. This is the best price treadmill on the market and they were quick to get back to us when we emailed a questions. I would recommend the Dog Pacer to all dog owners and it has changed out outlook towards dog ownership.
on April 26, 2015
Love it so far. I can't speak to the long term quality as I have only had it for several days, but it is great quality out of the box. Very solid and well made. It is quiet and runs great. It is super long so plenty of space for my long stride shep/coonhound service dog. I was searching for a used human treadmill for months, but it was just too much hassle and after seeing and using this treadmill I am glad I spent the money. It folds up nice and fits under the bed which is perfect for me, since I don't need it for weeks or months at a time when I am well enough to exercise my service dog myself. But when I'm too sick too exercise her, this will be a life saver. She's still learning how to use it, but could use it in the first training session as long as I stood at the front and handed her a kibble every few seconds. This is well thought out and even the safety turn off cord is the right length to attach to a collar. I recommend using a harness to help them with those first few awkward steps so they don't fall or jump off. Once they see they can do it and it's what you want them to do they're golden. Anyone who has a service dog and a cyclical type illness this is the perfect solution.
on April 17, 2015
My 2 cattle dogs love this treadmill!!! Helps me out in getting them the exercise they need on days I cant go!!!
on February 21, 2015
My dogs love them started by offering treats but now my lab will sometimes get on it all on her other times (we have set up a routine walk schedule) all I have to do is say "treadmill" and both dogs understand. With the Dog Pacer I can exercise my dogs without having to go out in sub freezing weather. It works like a charm and the pre programmed walk #1 is perfect for my lab. My vet agrees.
on January 5, 2015
We LOVE our DogPacer treadmill. After my Belgian Malinois tore her ACL, she went on a treadmill at physical therapy. She LOVES it, so I puchased the Dog Pacer for our home use. It's Great during the cold Chicago winter and during the hot humid summers when I can't ecercise her enough. She jumps on it everyday (no exaggeration) and whines for me to turn it on. It came assembled and has terrific safety features. My cat even gets in their with her and enjoys it. I highly recommend this for any dog or cat.
on January 6, 2015
Easy to set up. Manufacturer did a great job of shrink wrapping all the tools you'd need. Quiet during operation.
on November 13, 2014
Have had this for almost a year now. Living in Arizona makes going for walks during the day difficult with two Sheltie's because they cannot take the heat. My dogs love it and my one dog that was overweight has lost almost 10 pounds. This was easy to put together and we have to do no maintenance on it yet. Well constructed and easy to use.
on November 7, 2014
My dog loves her new DogPacer. I have it on a carpeted area and it runs very quietly. My dog jumps right on and is ready to go. I definitely recommend it for anyone who has a dog that is in need of rehab.
on September 13, 2014
The DogPacer is everything it promises and more. Quiet motor, check. Easy assembly, check. Variable height, adjustable speed, dog's ability to use it, check check check. My 35-lb Queensland Heeler only needed to stand on it and get off 3 times. When she stayed the 4th time, I turned it on and she hasn't looked back since. This is the ideal option for those of us who cannot for any reason exercise our dogs adequately. The Heeler is a high-energy herding breed and her two runs a day are essential to her mental and physical well being. The exercise allows her to be calm and to relax. I feel less guilty. A few features I'd like to highlight for those who have been comparing dog treadmills: the "wings" on the sides keep my dog from being distracted; the run length at 72 in is more than I thought I would need but I was wrong; it folds into 42 in but I haven't tried that yet. The range of paces is essential and to get the most work for the time invested,, I put mine on the high angle. The control panel is very clear and super easy to use. My dog and I are very satisfied with this treadmill after doing a lot of research.

on September 11, 2014
Excellent Machine, thought it was going to be a waste of money, not because of the machine but I thought my (3) dogs would not go on it..Great surprise, they Love it!!!..They line up and take turns..Great investment....Thanks
on September 7, 2014
I had been looking at doggie threadmills for awhile & finally took the plunge & bought this one. It's so much better & easier for my dog to use compared to a regular human treadmill as it's longer to accomodate their stride. My dog took to it right away & the side flaps help to keep him on course.Took a couple of hours to set up but just be patient & follow the instructions.
on August 25, 2014
great 4 dog 2 get a work out if its raining or cant get that long walk done today. jumps on it for 20 minutes # 12 then treats, several friends have it, oil it occasionally and buy from who donate to rescues.
on August 11, 2014
So glad I bought the Dog Pacer. This is an excellent machine! My dogs LOVE IT !
The Dog Pacer works well...easy to set up....convenient to store. Awesome !!!
on April 25, 2014
I purchased this being very unprepared for what arrived. It works great once our dog understood the drill. The local vet borrows it for rehab for dogs and cats!
on April 7, 2014
I love it ,,my dog is a 83 pound shar pei ( he's big for a shar pei ) well he got on it with no problem then I turned it on he started walking right away ..he gets on it everyday .I started him out slow and built him up to faster pace slowly and slowly built up the time he stays on it... . you can see it working the muscles as my dog walking on it . very easy to set up , it weight is about 90 pounds I had help getting it in the house but I got it out of the box myself and set it up I am 110 pounds female I had no problems . on their video it sounds loud but really isn't , you can control the speed and it shows the miles and calories that are being burned off and there is and emergency pull button witch I have not had to use , there is a on and off switch on the lower left front side , the red side panels I used at first but my dog stays on it so took them off, and I saved 20 dollars by ordering from Amazon with the free shipping . I have had this for at least two months now and had no problems . you can see more videos on the dog pacer on youtube ,seems a lot of dogs enjoy it . I do recommend this it's made good.
Best investment and big bang for my hard earned dollar.

After seeing the friendly helpful sales reps, at the big Cleveland IX Expo dog show in December, my dogs readily jumped up onto the treadmills and became fast Crowd Pleasers. My dogs love the Dog PACER!

Floor model was sold to me, and now that I have it ~ I wish that I bought the large one too~!
at my dog training business, Chyp Boom O'Ray, the new Champion Cairn Terrier, joyfully runs over to his treadmill and waits for me to turn it on. Chyp loves a speed of 3.5 mph and seems to be in a "Zen" state of mind... as he fixates his eyes straight ahead, and stays on this Light, compact, easy to use Treadmill for 20 minutes. Chyp goes on with NO leash, and needs no food or bribery..... he loves it!
Simply Amazing!
Wish I had two!
Three Cairn Terrier friends saw my dogs on this, and rushed out to purchase their own.
One Akita owner, bought the larger one, which looks identical to the small one, it has a longer tread to accommodate the larger dogs....... Love Love Love IT!

I posted videos of my dogs running on the dogPACER to their facebook pages... yes, my dogs have their own facebook pages!

Thank you to the DogPACER reps at the December Cleveland IX EXPO center..... I will be putting my name on the list for buying your floor model at the 2014 dog show...... I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful product!
on January 2, 2014
Who would of thought of a treadmill for pooches. I really needed to do something to get my boy to lose some fat, go figure I have a huge backyard and interactively play and walk him, but all he wants is to be inside by me. Having a very hard time using this, even though he has been slowly conditioned to it, I just can't seem to be in 2 places at once. Meaning he has to be on my left side and I cannot reach the computer to adjust speed from that side. Very frustrating I tried being in front near the computer but bending down couldn't manage him or keeping eye contact-very important. Really really need some advice cause I am only one person. Be nice to have a remote control , ha